About us

Our Brand

The brand name and spirit of SanYuTang comes from the chapter of Wang Su of a famous ancient Chinese novel, “Records of the Three Kingdoms”. In the chapter, it mentions a famous and diligent scholar, named Dong Yun, in the Cao Wei period of the Three Kingdoms. When Dong’s succeeding generations asked him about the studying advice,

Dong Yu told them to firstly, read a book for a hundred times, and then they would naturally realize the intention and meaning of a book. He also encouraged his descendants to spend three leisure time periods to improve themselves, indicating the winter (the spare time of a year), midnight (the spare time of a day, and the rainy moments (the spare time between hours).

All of the three time periods are good for studying and self advancement.

Our Spirit

Due to the spirit of continuous learning and endless diligence, SanYuTang along with our like-minded tea craftsmen are determined to introduce great Taiwan tea to the world through this SanYuTang brand.

We do our best to make the information of goods public in a detailed way, including the exact place of origin, the season of tea manufactured, the tea types and qualities, or even the pesticide inspection of tea leaves. We wish our fine and safe tea can ease one’s burden, accompanying people anytime.